My name is Claire Joyce. I am an artist, former college drawing instructor, and current stay at home mom. In the past six years my family and I have moved cross-country three times in pursuit of my husband’s dream job. Unfortunately, as my husband advanced in notoriety in his chosen field, his salary did the opposite (hooray for a job in the arts!). My children are young (seven and four), and because of the expense of childcare, returning to work is just not possible at the moment. I use this small business to help with extra expenses for my children.

When you purchase a portrait, you will receive a 5" X 5" graphite drawing of a single subject based on a photograph provided by you. The portrait will be a hand drawn piece made in two hours (the amount of time my children used to nap during the day when I first began this endeavor). You can expect an accurate rendering that still shows the hand of the artist to arrive at your house within one month.

The price of these portraits is low (only $60!). These small drawings make great gifts for parents, grandparents, pet owners, or anyone who wants a keepsake. They look great when they are in an 8" X 8"  frame matted to 5" X 5".